Fence Calculator

Timber Fence Calculator

  • Posts (125x75mm / 125x125mm) with any length (2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m)
  • Plinth (150x25mm/150x38mm) or Sleepers (200x50mm) with lengths (5.4m)
  • Capping (90x45mm) with lengths of (5.4m)
  • Rails (70x50mm) with lengths of (5.4m) - This calculator has 3 rows per panel
  • Palings (100x12mm) with heights 1.5m/ 1.8m/ 2.1m
  • Palings (150x12mm) with heights 1.5m/ 1.8m/ 2.1m
  • GP Cement - 20kg per post is recommended
  • Item Description Fence length (mtrs) Quantity
    Post 2.7m 0
    Plinth/Sleepers 5.4m 0
    Capping (90x45mm) 5.4m 0
    Rails (70x50mm 3 rows) 5.4m 0
    Paling (100x12mm) 100mm 0
    Paling (150x12mm) 150mm 0
    Cement GP 20kg Bag 0

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